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Welcome to Year 3


Mrs Cheal and Mrs Anderson


Other Adults in Year 3

Natalie Stone, Claire Ward, Tina Simmonds and Sally Parsons.

Making Contact

We like to welcome the children in calmly each morning so we would prefer if you could wait until after school if you need to talk to us.
Please pass on any messages to the Teaching Assistants on the doors in the morning and they will pass it on to the relevant teacher. We will contact you or catch up with you at the end of the day.
If you want to talk to the teacher we are very happy for you to catch us at the end of the day. But please can you wait until we have safely seen the rest of the class out.

School Dinners

Children can choose a hot meal each day or bring a packed lunch - Please bring a separate bottle of water to keep in the classroom.

Please Remember…

To label ALL items which come to school, so they can be returned if lost.
A named water bottle.
To send weather appropriate clothes - a coat if cold or wet and a sunhat if hot.
To wear the correct P.E. kit uniform on P.E. days - please see 'Parents/Uniform' on this website.
To wear old clothes on farm days.


All homework is set on Google Classroom. Your child will have an individual login to access all weekly homework. Homework can be submitted through Google Classroom or, if appropriate, handed to the class teacher.


Times tables homework to be practised weekly. Children will also have a weekly times tables test in class. This will include multiplication and division facts. Every child will have a Purple Mash login and be able to access the wide range of times table activities and games Purple Mash has to offer. They will also have a Times Table Rockstars/ Numbots login to access times table and division activities.
See Maths Homework on the school website for full details.

Weekly spellings

Children receive weekly spellings to learn at home. Children are tested each week in school. These are on Google Classroom.


All children have access to Bedrock, a platform for digital learning and Literacy curriculum. This is used in class to support whole class reading and comprehension skills. All learning on Bedrock is tracked using our parent and teacher dashboards. Learning is personalised to each learner and the recapping element supports long-term retention.
Years 3 and 4 Children are expected to complete the allocated pre-test and spend at least 20 minutes per week reading the text and answering the embedded comprehension questions. Texts are personalised to meet the needs of the child’s current reading targets. Teachers will use the information gathered to help assess reading and comprehension needs.

Reading for pleasure

Children are encouraged to read for pleasure. This can be anything from newspapers, to posters and recipes. Reading for pleasure is very important to us here at Grovelands School. We believe that if children are given time to both read high quality books and hear them being read out loud it will ignite their imaginations, improve their writing and most importantly encourage their love of reading. Children will come home with a book of their choice. We encourage parents to share this book with their child. Reading records will be used to record reading (Years Reception – Year 4). Children are also encouraged to bring their own books from home - please ensure these are named.

Essential Reads

Essential reads will also be chosen by children to take home. This are specially chosen texts to ensure children are challenged, motivated and encouraged to read for pleasure. They cover a range of text types, genres, themes and authors. These books should be shared at home and recorded in reading records. Teachers should encourage children to record their reading in their reading response books, also.


Children are encouraged to use Purple Mash to support their writing skills at home. There are many creative writing activities and tasks available for the children to explore and use. Teachers may allocate tasks to their class as part of their homework. Google classroom will be used in this case. Tasks can be submitted via Google classroom or on paper, whichever is deemed more appropriate for the child / task.


Each term it is expected that the children create a piece of homework linked to their topic. This should be a creative piece of homework and develop skills in subjects other than English and maths. It could also be a ‘2do’ set on Purple Mash. The children should be given several weeks to complete this homework and once completed should go on display and shared with the rest of the class.

Learning Behaviours - Growth Mindset

Learning Behaviours - Growth Mindset


We expect our children to behave in a polite and thoughtful manner to all members of the school community.

Please see Prosocial Behaviour Policy in 'Satutory Information/Policies' on this website.

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Staff Contacts

  • Executive Headteacher: Mr Jon Goulding
  • Head of School: Miss Kathleen Swaine
  • School Business Manager: Mrs Helen Fingerneissl
  • School Secretary: Mrs Carol Welfare
  • Chair of Governors: Mr Paul Gietzen
  • Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mr Jon Goulding
  • Safeguarding Strategic Lead / Senior Mental Health Lead: Miss N Squires
  • Deputy DSLs: Miss K Swaine,  Miss S Coates, Mr R Williams
  • Inclusion Leader: Mrs Naomi Jn. Charles