Year 3 Information

All of the Year 3 curriculum information and newsletters

Welcome to Year 3


Mrs Lyndsey Pengilley and Mrs Claire Yarlett


Mrs Cheal and Mrs Anderson


Other Adults in Year 3

Natalie Stone and Rosemarie Catt.

Making Contact

We like to welcome the children in calmly each morning so we would prefer if you could wait until after school if you need to talk to us.
Please pass on any messages to the Teaching Assistants on the doors in the morning and they will pass it on to the relevant teacher. We will contact you or catch up with you at the end of the day.
If you want to talk to the teacher we are very happy for you to catch us at the end of the day. But please can you wait until we have safely seen the rest of the class out.

Reading in Year 3

Daily reading at home – either book from school or home book.
Essential Reads – quality texts with reader responses.
Guided reading programme to develop deeper comprehension skills.

Year 3 Topics

World War 2 – On the Home-front.
Ancient Egyptians.
Stone Age to Bronze Age.

Rights and Responsibilities

All children in year 3 are asked to follow the school rules as set out in the Rights and Responsibilities charter agreed by the school council. We have a ‘Good to be Green’ chart in every classroom and throughout the term you will be informed of positive behaviours that have resulted in your child being awarded silver or gold. Equally should your child fall significantly below the behaviour standards we expect you will be informed.


English: Daily reading books and E Books
Each week your child will also have 10 words to learn linked to the spelling objectives they are being taught in class.
Maths: Times Tables – using Purple Mash
Topic: Each term the children will be asked to complete one creative homework activity which may include model making, art, a science or computer based investigation.

Please Remember…

To bring a named water bottle.
To bring in a sun hat or ideally leave one in their tray and have a separate one for home.
To send in a coat unless a particularly dry spell, we wont make them wear them but they have them on their pegs if the weather changes during the day.
To check their book bags.


We are delighted with how smart our year 3 children are at the start of the school year. Please ensure your child knows how to tie both their school tie and shoe laces. We will be having PE lessons on a weekly basis and it is important that all the children have the appropriate kit in school at all times.

Many thanks for your ongoing support.

Kind regards,

The Year 3 team.

Connect with us

Grovelands School, Dunbar Drive,
Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 3UW.

Staff Contacts

  • Executive Headteacher: Mr Jon Goulding
  • Head of School: Miss Kathleen Swaine
  • School Business Manager: Mrs Helen Fingerneissl
  • School Secretary: Miss Carol Williams
  • Chair of Governors: Mr Michael Nix
  • Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mr Jon Goulding
  • Deputy DSLs: Miss K Swaine, Ms C Adams, Miss N Squires, Miss S Coates, Mr R Williams
  • Inclusion Leader: Ms C Adams