The Curriculum

We provide a stimulating and exciting Curriculum. We are as concerned with the children’s physical, spiritual, moral and social development as we are to provide them with the knowledge and skills they will need in later life. The school has implemented the 2014 Curriculum and assessment without levels. We teach British Values and provide opportunities through topics for pupils to learn about democracy, law and respect for others. In 2016 we introduced ‘Growth Mindset’ to encourage engagement, co-operation, resourcefulness and determination.

The National Curriculum subjects of English, Mathematics and Science form the core subjects. These are taught in a structured way according to the children’s age and ability. We link our subjects wherever possible and apply mathematic and literacy skills across the curriculum.

The other Foundation Subjects are:

  • Art and Design
  • Computing
  • Design and Technology
  • Geography
  • History
  • French at Key Stage 2
  • Music
  • Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development   (SMCS) are taught across all areas.
  • Physical Education (plus swimming in KS2)
  • Religious Education (RE)

Special Educational Needs and Disability

We aim to provide a challenging learning environment for every child but some children require extra help at certain stages as they go through the school.

Grovelands has trained and experienced staff who can assess barriers to learning and prepare a suitable programme to meet a child's needs. This is often done in consultation with outside agencies. We consider partnership and liaison with parents / carers essential if children with special needs are to make progress. We meet on a regular basis and always welcome parents / carers into school to discuss any issues.

Our SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) is employed to lead a team of specialists in our own Learning Support Unit. Interventions are carefully targeted and planned, specifically with the needs of individuals in mind. A significant proportion of support is given in the lower school in order to identify difficulties and help children at an early stage. The full SEND policy is available on the website. We have a Nurture Room for children with specific needs and have a trained Thrive practitioner in school. We are committed to equal opportunities regardless of age, disability, gender, race and religion or belief. The school is fully accessible and has a lift available.

Pupil Premium Grant

We use our pupil premium grant to support children who are looked after or have free school meals using additional teachers and support staff who deliver targeted group interventions to accelerate progress and ensure children remain on track to meet their age related expectations.

The IT Suite

The IT Suite is part of the range of computer facilities we have throughout the school, including supervised access to e-mail and the Internet. This has been recently updated to add capacity in delivering the Computing Curriculum. We also have iPads and tablets available to classes and computers in shared year group areas.

Music, Art, Drama and Dance

There are many opportunities for children to develop their confidence and talent in all these areas. We give a lot of importance to these subjects in regular lessons during teacher planning time. Music, drama and dance in both key stages are taught by specialist teachers. Arts weeks, clubs and performances give children opportunity to develop their talents further.

Our links with the County Music Scheme enable children to learn an instrument if they wish. We currently offer violin, keyboard, drums and guitar. Any child who plays an instrument or sings in our choir performs both within school and in a variety of outside activities. We have an annual music concert to showcase our talent!

Religious Education

This follows the East Sussex Scheme, which is in accordance with the Standing Committee for R.E. Guidelines. The syllabus is broadly Christian and recognises other spiritual beliefs. Attitudes common to most religious faiths are encouraged i.e. love, respect, honesty and forgiveness.

Collective Worship is held every day. This is varied in form and content and conducted by different members of staff.  In accordance with the 1944 Education Act, parents have the right to withdraw their children from religious activities.

Physical Activities

All children have regular weekly PE periods using a wide range of gymnastics equipment.  The lessons follow the Quality Curriculum Guidelines developed from the National Curriculum.

Games periods also encourage the development of skills and co-operation. The addition of an all weather pitch has given us more opportunity to teach games throughout the year. The school runs a number of teams for both winter and summer sports that compete with other schools. We are using our additional sports funding to enhance the provision and raise the profile of PE in the school by employing a trained PE teacher to work alongside our teachers. In Key Stage 2 children have regular swimming periods using the Hailsham Swimming Pool.

We have strong sporting links with Hailsham Community College. As a result we take part in tournaments for a range of sports varying from swimming to touch rugby, from dance to basketball. 

Foreign Languages

With the new Curriculum 2014 we introduced French in Key Stage 2. We aim to teach all children in KS2 about the culture as well as the language.

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)/SMSC and British Values

The PSHE/SMSC policy was reviewed in 2014 and designed to encourage the children to develop social, emotional and personal skills. PSHE/SMSC is taught across all subject areas as well as discreetly. We incorporate British Values, e-safety and use some of the SEAL (Social, emotional aspects of learning) topics.

Sex Education

The Education Act of 1993 required the Governing Body to make and keep up-to-date, a separate written statement with regard to Sex Education. 

At Grovelands Sex Education is taught as part of our Science Curriculum.  Parents are informed in advance when topics will contain specific and sensitive issues and have the right to withdraw their children from this aspect.  However, all information given will be age appropriate and emphasis is placed on the understanding of the biological, emotional, social and moral aspects of sex education and relationships. Meetings with parents/carers are arranged before the programme is delivered.

Safeguarding and Child Protection

Safeguarding our children is a priority and our policy for Safeguarding is available on the website and from the school office. All staff are DBS checked in line with requirements.

Information about the Curriculum

Parent/carer meetings and consultation evenings are held initially at the start of the school year and three times throughout the year in October, February and July. This is an opportunity to see what each child will be learning during the school year and a chance to see the child’s work and discuss progress/learning targets with the teacher. Information on the curriculum, homework and how parents can help at home is given regularly by each class teacher and is on the school website.

Copies of all school policies and curriculum guidelines are available for inspection by prior arrangement through the school office and the website provides much of this information.