Term 4 Overview

During Term 4, the children will be learning all about Spring. They will be beginning to learn about plants and starting to learn some names of common plants and trees. We will be planting some different plants with the children, including potatoes, vegetables and bulbs. In Science the children will continue to look at seasonal weather.

As part of our Spring has Sprung topic this term, Year 1 are going to be learning about the life cycle of a hen and we will be hatching eggs.

We have an incubator set up within the year group and will be learning about the changes that are taking place within the egg over the 21 days incubation and then, fingers crossed, will watch our 7 eggs hatch! The children will then look after the chicks watching them grow and change. This is a wonderful learning experience for the children.

We will also be using stories like ‘The Odd Egg’, ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ and ‘Don’t Count Your Chickens’ as starting points for our English and Maths sessions. Our other egg based activities include a Science/DT investigation into what material would make a good crash mat for Humpty Dumpty. We are all very excited and we are sure your children will keep you updated about the progress of our eggs throughout the term!

The children will be continuing with Phase 5 phonics and guided reading. Please try to read with your child every day and remember to sign their reading diary, so that we know they are reading regularly at home.

By now your child should have received their own login for the Purple Mash website, please let us know how you are getting on with it.

Learning behaviour in Year 1

Our motto is:

“It's ok if you don’t know
but it's not ok if you don’t try!”

Making mistakes help us learn and thoughts help us grow!

Remind your child that: “I can't do it,” does not exist. Encourage them to think, ”I can't do it… Yet!”

Every fortnight, the children will be randomly paired up with a new learning partner. This helps to develop the children's relationships with their classmates and ensures that all children are involved in whole class discussions.