Term 3 Overview

We are learning about Ancient Greece including the Ancient Greek way of life, the gods and goddesses, forms of government, and the first Olympics. In design and technology, the children will design and make items of pottery. In science in our topic on Forces, we will be learning about gravity and exploring resistance. We will also be using mechanisms such as pulleys and gears and examining the impact they have on the required force.

In English, we will be studying Ancient Greek myths including Theseus and the Minotaur. We will be using these texts to inspire a range of writing genres.

In Maths, our focus this term will be on formal multiplication and division methods and fractions.

Home learning

Please find a copy of the new term 3 homework wheel in the resources. Maths homework will be set by the classroom teacher as before. Children should also learn their weekly spellings and times tables, as well as reading for 20 minutes every night.