Term 2 Overview

Year 3 will be doing a variety of science experiments this term, with a focus on solids, liquids and gases, as well as forces. They will be looking at the properties of different materials and explaining their similarities and differences.
In English the children will be creating their own superheroes, which will have solid, liquid and gas super powers. They will be describing their character in detail, exploring a range of superhero texts and writing their own adventure!
We have another busy term of maths ahead with lots of topics to be covered. The children will be continuing their work on fractions, angles and statistics and developing our mental and written methods for the four operations.
In our P.E lessons for this term we will be learning all about how to move our bodies safely and with control in a gymnastics context with the help of Mr. Angela from SKil. The children will be taking part in a range of exciting gymnastic lessons and using some of the equipment in the hall.
Then, of course, we will be getting into the Christmas spirit and enjoying Christmas maths, poetry writing and focusing on the characters in the Christmas story!