Term 1 Overview

Dear all,

We hope you all had a fantastic summer holiday. We are so excited to start the new academic year off with fabulous fairy tales! We are really looking forward to seeing your wonderful castle designs too.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact a member of the year 2 team and we will do our very best to help.

Our topic and areas for learning this half term

This term the creative curriculum will explore ‘Fairy Tales- Up the Beanstalk’ with a focus on a variety of traditional tales. Key texts will be: Little Red Riding Hood, The Princess and the Pea and Jim and the Beanstalk. We will have a fabulous fairy tales dressing up day on Monday 12th September.

In science we are learning about the properties of materials and how to make simple investigations.

In D&T we are exploring wheeled vehicles.

In art we are exploring ‘Take a picture’ scene art.

In computing the children will focus on computer programming using Scratch in ‘we are astronauts.’

Maths and English

Maths and English will be taught daily. English will be made up of phonics, guided reading and a range of writing activities. Maths will include weekly times tables and practice of the skills of each child’s level for the 99 club. Children are not expected to reach the 99 club until they are in year 6.

Learning behaviour in Year 2

Our motto is:

It’s ok if you don’t know
But it’s not ok if you don’t try!

Making mistakes helps us learn and thoughts help us grow! Encourage your child’s Love of
Learning and remind your child that: “I can’t do it,” does not exist. Encourage them to think,
“I can’t do it… Yet!”

owlEach week the children will be randomly paired up with a new learning partner. This helps to develop the children’s cooperative relationships with their classmates and ensures that all children are involved in whole class discussions.

Our whole school learning power for the autumn term is Engagement and our character that represents that learning behaviour is the wide-eyed owl.

Class Rules And Year 2 Learning Partners

The children in each class have agreed some class rules. This helps them to keep their name on the ‘green’ area of the class behaviour chart (green is good!) Through good behaviour, cooperation and effort, the children can earn house points which are counted up across the whole school each week.

Additionally, each week a child from each of the year 2 classes will be chosen as a “Learning Partner of the week” and they will receive a certificate showing their learning power!


This term children will be given weekly spellings and times tables which will need to be practised at home. Furthermore children are expected to read with an adult EVERY night.

The homework will be given out every Friday and be returned every Wednesday.

Reading books will be changed x1 a week after your child has read with the teacher and completed a follow-up task. Your child may choose a story book from the reading area every day if they wish to do so.

In autumn term 2, your child will also be set a weekly My Maths task based on what they have been learning in class.


In PE the children will be exploring Games this term.

Music is on a Thursday.
Dance is on a Tuesday.
PE is on a Tuesday.


Children MUST wear a white t shirt, dark shorts and black plimsolls.

Jewellery must not be worn for PE.

Please note that every child needs a hat. This is part of the school uniform.