Term 1 Overview

This term the children have been settling into life in Key Stage 2. The children will be learning a few new routines, like losing their afternoon play at half-term, and starting their new reading scheme, AR. This will require the children to answer online questions about each book they read, so please keep up the good work at home.

In English the children will be exploring a variety of different writing contexts, such as: postcards, letters and persuasive leaflets. They will also be creating Harvest themed poetry. We will be recapping many of the important rules that the children learnt in Key Stage 1, including capital letters, full stops and finger spaces, while introducing new concepts such as writing in different tenses and higher level descriptive language.

Many of the writing experiences the children will have in this term will be in the context of our WW2 topic. They will learn about life on the home front, the Blitz, evacuation and rationing. The children will also visit Newhaven Fort to learn more about our topic and they will even get a chance to experience what it would have been like to be in an air raid shelter.

Maths for Term 1 focuses on place value, addition and subtraction. Pupils will work on concrete representations of number and there will be greater emphasis placed on reasoning and problem-solving skills. We will learn times table and division facts. Any work you could do at home on using money and telling the time would be greatly appreciated.

Our first PE topic is controlling and propelling objects. The children will practice passing and catching different objects in a variety of ways in a controlled manner. The children are very lucky that during this time they will have a PE teacher from Grovelands Active, as well as their normal teacher, to help them during these lessons.

The computing lessons will inform the children about the skills required to send emails. They will learn how to send emails safely, as well as attaching different media to their messages.