Phonics & Reading Schemes


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Reading Schemes

  • Rigby Reading Scheme – Stars & Rockets
  • Oxford Reading Tree
  • Navigators
  • Jolly Pocket Reads
  • Oxford Tree Tops

How we teach Reading and Phonics at Grovelands

At the start of a child’s school life reading and phonics are taught alongside each other. In reading the children have picture only books so that they can develop an understanding of telling stories. In phonics they are introduced to the 42 sounds of the English language as well as the most common words found in simple reading books.

When the children are confident at retelling stories they are introduced to books with words (scheme books). This enables the children to use the phonics they have learnt, to help them read. As a child’s ability to read increases so does the level of book they read. At the same time the children are taught to expand their knowledge of different phonic spellings and word recognition.

To help the above processes there is an expectation that parents will read every night with their child and go through sounds and words that need to be learnt.

Once a child is in KS2 they take part in the Accelerated Reader Scheme. This scheme allows the child to develop at their own pace by reading levelled books that they then are tested on to attain a child’s level of comprehension in reading.

At all times throughout their school life at Grovelands, children take part in guided reading sessions with a teacher. This enables the child to be taught the many facets of reading. At the beginning, when starting to read this is daily, as they progress and become confident readers this is weekly. Children are also encouraged, from the beginning of their school life, to frequently take home a book from the class library to share and enjoy with their parents.