Permission for Internet / Learning Platform Access

The school has installed computers and Internet access to help our learning. These rules will keep everyone safe and help us be fair to others.


  • I will use the platform responsibly at all times
  • I will respect the school’s computers and not change settings without permission
  • I will only use the internet under adult supervision
  • I will only use the computers for school work or other school activities
  • I will not bring CDs into school unless I have permission from a teacher
  • I will only e-mail people that my teacher has approved and under the supervision of a member of staff
  • The messages I send will be polite and sensible and I will not include any pictures of myself or other children without my teacher’s permission
  • I will not give my home address or phone number or arrange to meet another person
  • I will only ever use my own login and password and never use anyone else’s or share my password
  • I will not use inappropriate language
  • I will remember to logout every time I use the platform
  • I will remember e-safety and will never give out personal details online
  • I understand that school can check everything typed under my login
  • If I see anything offensive on the platform, I will report it immediately to my teacher
  • I understand that if I break these rules, I will lose access to the platform for a short time
  • I understand that if I persistently break the rules, I will lose access to the platform permanently


  • I will make every effort to ensure my child follows the rules for pupils
  • I will ensure my child’s use of the internet is supervised
  • I will encourage my child to make effective use of the learning opportunities provided by the platform
  • If my child sees anything offensive on the platform, I will ensure they report it to their teacher