Factual Information

Admissions to Grovelands School

The County Council makes the arrangements for admission of children at 4+. A detailed description of the arrangements is contained in the booklet “Admissions to Primary Schools”. A copy can be obtained from the School Admission Section at County Hall, Lewes.

However, parents may find it helpful to know that, if there are insufficient places available to meet demand, these will be allocated to children in accordance with the following list of priorities:

  • looked after children;
  • children who will have a brother or sister at the school at the time of admission;
  • children living within a pre-defined community area;
  • children living outside the pre-defined area.

If it is necessary to decide between children within any of these priority groups, this will be done by giving places to those children who live closest to the school. In year admissions are now dealt with by the school according to our own Admissions Policy.

Published admission limit 2017/2018 90
Appeals conceded 0

School Session Times

Key Stage 1

Rec Year 1 Year 2
Start of school 08.55 08.55 08.55
Lunch time 12.00 12.10 12.15
Start of afternoon 13.00 13.10 13.15
End of school 15.15 15.15 15.15
Break times 30 mins 30 mins 30 mins

Key Stage 2

Year 3 Year 4 Years 5/6
Start of school 08.55 08.55 8.55
Lunch time 12.20 12.20 12.30
Start of afternoon 13.15 13.20 13.20
End of school 15.20 15.20 15.20
Break times 15 mins 15 mins 15 mins

08.45 is the time your child will be welcomed into school. For the children between YR and Y2 there is always an adult on the door to greet them and take any messages.

Of this time 22.45 hours per week is allocated as teacher contact time in Key Stage 1 and 25 hours in Key Stage 2. The balance of time is used for registration and daily assemblies.

Term & Holiday Dates 2016/2017

Term 1 5 Sep – 20 Oct 2017
Holiday 23 – 27 Oct 2017
Term 2 31 Oct – 20 Dec 2017
Holiday 21 Dec 2017 – 1 Jan 2018
Term 3 3 Jan – 9 Feb 2018
Holiday 12 – 16 Feb 2018
Term 4 19 Feb – 29 Mar 2018
Holiday 30 Mar – 13 Apr 2018
Term 5 16 Apr – 24 May 2018
Bank holiday 7 May 2018
Holiday 28 May – 1 Jun 2018
Term 6 4 Jun – 19 Jul 2018

The school is closed for teacher training days on:

4th September 2017
30th October 2017
2nd January 2018
25th May 2018
20th July 2018


For the school year 2016/2017 the percentage of authorised absences was 4.0% and unauthorised absences was 0.6%. It is important that children attend school every day on time.  This ensures that they make good progress, but a child who is frequently absent can also have trouble making or keeping friends.

These are the things that parents/carers and the school do together to ensure a good attendance record.

  • If your child has to be absent, phone the absence line 01323 840062 before 09.30 am. Leave the child’s name, class and the reason for absence.
  • If the school doesn’t hear from you we will have to text you. (First Day Absence Policy)
  • If we do not receive an explanation, the absence is recorded as unauthorised.
  • Absence due to family holidays is unauthorised.
  • Termly reviews with the Education Welfare Officer where children with attendance of less than 85% will be discussed. Children who are persistently late will also be discussed at these meetings.

Some useful names and addresses

Chair of Governors: Mr Paul Young can be contacted through the school.

East Sussex County Council, PO Box 4, County Hall, St Anne’s Crescent, Lewes BN7 1SG, (tel: 01273 481000).

Further school information

Our aim is to keep you informed about what your child is doing at school and regular meetings are arranged to help this happen. We have information booklets for parents about the curriculum and other guidelines such as Health and Safety, Special Needs and Personal and Social Education. We also have copies of the last inspection report. All of these can be inspected at the school by request to the school secretary. Individual copies can be obtained subject to a photocopying charge of 5p a sheet.

There may be other queries and the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher are happy to help if an appointment is made through the school secretary.