Encouraging Responsibility

We encourage a sense of self-respect, self-confidence and self-reliance. We aim to develop an awareness of and sensitivity to the needs of others. We have an anti- bullying policy with zero tolerance and any issues are dealt with promptly.

The school has a behaviour policy based on rewarding good behaviour and encouraging children to always do their best. There are a number of ways we achieve this.

Every class teacher runs a system of rewards through team points, stickers, behaviour charts and green tokens.

Each week Celebration Assemblies are held where selected children show and talk about their achievements. At the same assemblies children from each class are given Head Teacher Awards for achievement or for showing a caring attitude or some other aspect of good behaviour.

The school operates a School Council and the older children act as peer mediators, house captains and prefects. All year 6 children have the opportunity to act as monitor, helping younger children at lunch times, helping with play equipment, show visitors round the school, prepare for assemblies and other school events

We encourage respect for our school environment and try to raise awareness of wider conservation issues. In partnership with Wealden District Council, the children organise collections of paper and cans for recycling on a weekly basis. We have solar panels fitted to the roof of the main school building. A display panel inside the school shows how much power has been generated so far and also how much carbon dioxide has been saved. Our eco monitors meet regularly to discuss and share issues with peers.

Over the years we have helped a variety of charities. These are often suggested by the children who organise sales, competitions and other events to help local and national charities. Cake sales are a weekly event in our school!

Working together with the School Council, we have revised our School Rules this year and changed them to Rights and Responsibilities. If at any stage we have concerns about your child we will get in touch with you and you are welcome to contact the school to talk to the class teacher, the headteacher or the deputy headteacher about matters that concern you.


I have the right to:

  • feel protected, loved and respected
  • be educated
  • make mistakes
  • express my own thoughts and ideas
  • a clean, tidy school and equipment
  • relax, play and join in with lots of various activities
  • be listened to

I have the responsibility to:

  • show love and respect to others
  • learn as much as I can and help others learn
  • learn from my mistakes
  • respect other people’s thoughts and ideas
  • keep the school and equipment clean and tidy
  • include everyone in my games and activities
  • listen to other people