Term 4 Overview

Welcome to Term 4 and hopefully some warmer weather!

We have a Science topic this term, entitled ‘Living Planet.’ This focuses on various aspects of human and animal life. As well as studying some physical aspects of human existence, such as diet and bones, we will take the opportunity to explore mental health – looking at what it means to be unique and to have a unique contribution to make in life.

In Maths, we begin with a unit on length and perimeter – hopefully your children will be busy measuring everything in your house! The second unit concerns fractions and is followed, in the last week of term, by a consolidation week, in which we can revisit previously taught concepts. We ask for your continuing help with learning times table facts and taking opportunities to work on money and time.

In English, our particular focus for the term will be story writing. This will include aspects of grammar, such as use of adverbs. The punctuation focus will be inverted commas for speech. We will read a variety of stories with the children and would encourage them to enjoy reading and discussing stories at home.

Computing work is about using spreadsheets and graphs to represent data.

Can we make another plea for uniform to be named? An extraordinary number of items are found, without names. Thank you for your support in this.

Finally, many thanks to parents/carers for your efforts in helping children with homework. We see some fantastic homework books and particularly enjoyed last term’s Stonehenge models.

Kind regards,

The Year 3 team.