Term 4 Overview

This term we are learning about France, studying its geography, the French way of life and French food. We are also looking at the formation of mountains, focusing on the Alps and tourism. We will also be studying the French artist Matisse and looking at cyber safety in computing. In English we will be studying “Les Miserables” and “Celia and Granny Meg go to Paris”. In RE, we will be looking at the Easter story and making palm crosses.  In Maths our focus this term will be on decimals, fractions and percentages.

Home learning

Please find a copy of the new Term 4 homework wheel in the resources. Maths homework will be updated every Friday (please refer to your class homework wheel). Children should also learn their weekly spellings and times tables as well as reading for 30 minutes every night.

Kind regards

Year 5 Teachers
Mrs Andrews, Mrs Anderson and Mr Healy

Contractor’s Update

Internally – We have completed the Mechanical & Electrical strip out works and installed the new distribution board, completed the new partitioning walls and plastered in preparation for the new extension.

Externally – We have taken out the brick columns and completed the block and beam flooring.

Please don’t forget if you have any concerns, questions, complaints or compliments, to contact us, via email grovelands@baxallconstruction.co.uk or via our Site Manager Steve Best 07843 355029

Term 4 Overview

Welcome back after a cold (and slightly wet!) half term.

Our topic this term is named ‘Journey into the Jungle!’ We will be learning about jungles and rainforests; with a particular focus on the habitats, ecosystems and the flora and fauna contained in these compelling parts of the world.

In English, we are reading ‘Amy Wild: Amazon Summer’ by Helen Skelton. We will follow Amy’s adventures as she helps her Auntie Marg to rediscover her love of photography deep in the rainforest of Peru. As both of these characters are somewhat scatty and clumsy, things are bound to take some unexpected twists along the way…

For Maths, we will be focusing on measurement: converting units, perimeter, area and volume, as well as shape and ratio and proportion. As we are moving closer towards the SATS, we will also be continually practising arithmetic, as well as solving a range of reasoning problems across the whole Maths Curriculum.

Homework will continue to be for the children to bring in their revision guides once a week; allowing the class teacher to check progress and identify any further gaps to work on in class. The children still need to learn their weekly spellings and to read to ensure that they can quiz regularly and effectively.

Term 4 Overview

This term we are learning about Coasts and Rivers. The children will be finding out where the major rivers and cities are in the UK. They will also learn about the features of a river from source to mouth. We will be comparing a UK river (The Thames) with an overseas river (The Ganges).

In English the key text for this term is ‘Today I Met a Whale’ by Michael Morpurgo. The children will be writing in role as well as writing newspaper reports.

In Maths this term, our focus will be on fractions and decimals.

Term 4 Overview

The beginning of this term , we will be focusing on ‘Under Construction’, to  tie in with our new extension.

Week One

We will be focusing on ‘Digging’ with a tour of the diggers given by our site manager Steve. Going on a listening walk, making tracks and painting diggers.

Week Two

We will be focusing on ‘Constructing’. We will have a large construction area with sand cement and sponge bricks. Sign making and Junk Modelling.

Week Three

Will be ‘Decorating’, using potatoes we will be printing our own wallpaper and planning our own room  using magazines for inspiration.

Term 4 Overview

Welcome to Term 4 and hopefully some warmer weather!

We have a Science topic this term, entitled ‘Living Planet.’ This focuses on various aspects of human and animal life. As well as studying some physical aspects of human existence, such as diet and bones, we will take the opportunity to explore mental health – looking at what it means to be unique and to have a unique contribution to make in life.

In Maths, we begin with a unit on length and perimeter – hopefully your children will be busy measuring everything in your house! The second unit concerns fractions and is followed, in the last week of term, by a consolidation week, in which we can revisit previously taught concepts. We ask for your continuing help with learning times table facts and taking opportunities to work on money and time.

In English, our particular focus for the term will be story writing. This will include aspects of grammar, such as use of adverbs. The punctuation focus will be inverted commas for speech. We will read a variety of stories with the children and would encourage them to enjoy reading and discussing stories at home.

Computing work is about using spreadsheets and graphs to represent data.

Can we make another plea for uniform to be named? An extraordinary number of items are found, without names. Thank you for your support in this.

Finally, many thanks to parents/carers for your efforts in helping children with homework. We see some fantastic homework books and particularly enjoyed last term’s Stonehenge models.

Kind regards,

The Year 3 team.